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Professional rights of graduates

In accordance with the existing Greek law, graduates of the Department are qualified to the following professional rights:

1. The graduates of the Department of Medical Instrumentation Technology of the School of Technological Applications of the Technological Educational Institution of Athens, from the day they graduate, and based on their specialized scientific and technical knowledge, may hold positions in the private or public sector. Either individually or in cooperation with others, they are eligible in the study, research, or application of technology on modern and special sectors in the field of medical devices. They may also engage in procedures related to the production of medical devices and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and also in sales, servicing and maintenance of medical devices, cooperating when needed with other scientists (physicians, radiologists, biochemists).

2. The graduates of the Department of Medical Instrumentation Technology may work in the following fields:

  • Production or trading of any type of medical instruments and MEMS.
  • Repair, service, re-engineering of medical machinery, instruments, devices of biotechnological interest.
  • Assurance of medical equipment and devices readiness in the hospital sector by performing the service, repair, or quality control, alone or with other scientists, like physicians, radiologists, or biochemists.
  • Participation in the evaluation of tenders in the supply of medical devices and equipment.
  • Elaboration and supervision or participation in the elaboration of studies for the foundation, organization and operation of units producing medical instruments and equipment.
  • Special tasks in positioning and putting to operation of medical instruments and equipment in laboratories and in hospitals. On completing these tasks they are matriculated in the Constructions' Experience Matriculation Registry.
  • As public servants they may implement controls in industries and in private laboratories and clinics, in order to provide the operating license, as needed.
  • Any other professional activity, which appears in their specialty, due to the technological progress, according to the regulations of the law.

3. Graduates may evolve in the administrative and technical hierarchy, related to the field of Biomedical Engineering. They can also occupy managerial positions, as provided by the law, concerning the operation of units, which use or produce medical instruments.

4. The graduates of the Department can work in educational positions, according to the provisions of the law regarding their specialty. They can also be members of research teams of their specialty.