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WSEAS 2005

Participation of the Department to the WSEAS International Conference on Engineering Education, Athens, 8-10 July, 2005:

Special Sessions "New trends in Biomedical Engineering Education"
Organized by Assoc.Professor E.Ventouras
Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece

  • Session: New trends in Biomedical Engineering Education (A) - In-vivo & in-vitro technologies
    Chairpersons: ?.Ventouras, B.Spyropoulos

    Friday 8 July, 15:00-17:00
    507-108: V. Spyropoulos, A comprehensive Training Approach for Biomedical Engineers in Intensive Medicine and Operation Room Technology.
    507-115: A. Tzavaras, Combining traditional electronics laboratory teaching methodology with ECAD Simulation Software for Biomedical Engineering Undergraduates.
    507-109: I. Loukos, Introducing educational trends in an undergraduate biomedical engineering laboratory of medical equipment quality assurance.
    507-216: A.Mavridou, E.Kalkani, A.Harvalou, A.Tzimogianni, P.Soublis, G.Bollas, E.Giannoulaki, X.Voyatzaki, A.Nikolaidou, I.Iliopoulos, D.Frydas, A.Frydas, N.Ioannidis, Redesigning and upgrading laboratory training in the Department of Medical Laboratories.
    507-196: D.Stellas, Aiming the upgrade of an educational in vitro laboratory.

  • Session: New trends in Biomedical Engineering Education (B) - Signal Processing & Imaging Technologies
    Chairpersons: D.Cavouras, I.Kandarakis

    Friday 8 July, 17:30-19:30
    507-146: I.Kalatzis, Signal and Image Processing Application Development in the Biomedical Engineering Degree Program.
    507-181: G.Manoussaridis, Computer-Assisted Laboratory Exercises for Quality Control of X-Ray Modalities.
    507-184: S.Tsantis, Computer-Assisted Laboratory Exercise for Quality Control of Computed Tomography Systems.
    507-185: G.Saatsakis, Development of an Educational Software for Teaching Position Emission Tomography Fundamentals.
    507-186: N.Roussos, An Educational Software for Two Dimensional Computed Tomography Image Reconstruction with Parallel and Fan X-Ray Beam.