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IC-SCCE 2008

Participation of the Department to the 3rd International Conference "From Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering" (3rd IC-SCCE, Athens, Greece, July 9-12, 2008):

Mini-Symposium: "Medical Imaging"
Organized by Panayiotakis G. and Kandarakis I.

  • Session I
    Chairmen: Panayiotakis G. & Fountos G.

    Thursday, 10 July, 2008, 09:30-10:50
    09:30-09:50: "MTF Determination in Spect Systems Using a Film-Flood Source Based on Tc-99m". Fountos G., Zanglis A., Michail C., Kalantzis I., Cavouras D., Panayiotakis G., Kandarakis I.
    09:50-10:10: "Evaluation of a Pinhole Spect System for Efficient Small Animal Imaging and Scintimammography". David S., Fisikopoulos L., Georgiou M., Loudos G., Matsopoulos G., Varvarigou A., Panayiotakis G., Kandarakis I.
    10:10-10:30: "Planar Performance of a Dual Head, High Resolution Pet Prototype". Efthimiou N., Loudos G., KandarakisI., Varvarigou A., Bouziotis P., Proffit J., McKisson J., Majewski S., Panayiotakis G.
    10:30-10:50: "Modeling Detector Performance for Dual Energy X-Ray Imaging Applications". Toutountzis A., Stathonikos N., Fountos G., Messaris G., Nikiforidis G., Kandarakis I.

  • Session II
    Chairmen: Panayiotakis G. & Fountos G.

    Thursday, 10 July, 2008, 11:20-13:00
    11:20-11:40: "Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Specroscopic Imaging of the Breast: Parameter Optimization, Technical Improvements and Quality Assessment". Karatopis A., Anastasopoulos S., Drakopoulos S., Kandarakis I. Douskou M., Panayiotakis G.
    11:40-12:00: "Diffusion Weighted and Diffusion Tensor Imaging for the Screening and Molecular Imaging of the Breast". Karatopis A., Anastasopoulos S., Drakopoulos S., Kandarakis I., Douskou M., Panayiotakis G.
    12:00-12:20: "Imaging Performance of LSO:CE Poweder Phosphor Screens in the X-Ray Mammography Energy Range". Michail C., David S., Toutountzis A.,Valais I., Kandarakis I., Panayiotakis G.
    12:20-12:40: "Complementary DNA Microarray Image Processing Based on Wavelets and Markov Random Fields Models". Mantoukas T., Athanassiadis E., Glotsos D., Kalatzis I., Cavouras D., Nikiforidis G.