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IC-SCCE 2006

Participation of the Department to the 2nd International Conference "From Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering" (2nd IC-SCCE, Athens, Greece, July 5-8, 2006):

Mini-symposium: "Medical Imaging"
Organized by: Panayiotakis G. - Kandarakis I.

  • Session I
    Chairmen: Kandarakis I., Nikolopoulos D.

    Thursday, July 6, 2006, 09:00-10:40
    09:00-09:20: "Quality Assessment and Parameter Optimization of PRESS Sequences in 1H MRS and MRSI: SNR Improvement and time Reduction in Various Clinical Applications". Karatopis A., Benekos O., Kelekis N., Eustathopoulos E., Kandarakis I.
    09:20-09:40: "1H MRS and MRSI Quality Control: A Simple Acceptance Testing Method for Resulting Spectra". Karatopis A., Benekos O., Kelekis N., Eustathopoulos E., Kandarakis I.
    09:40-10:00: "Determination of the Radiation Absorption and Light Emission Properties of Lu2SiO5:Ce (LSO) Powder Phosphor using Computational Model and Experimental Techniques in Mammography". Michail C., David S., Valais I., Nikolopoulos D., Liaparinos P., Toutountzis A., Cavouras D., Dimitropoulos N., Nomicos C.D., Kandarakis I., Panayiotakis G.S.
    10:00-10:20: "Characterisation and Simulation of CZT, HPGe, NaI Detectors for Gamma-Ray Spectrometry". Linardatos D., Kafala S.
    10:20-10:40: "Validation of a GATE Model for the Simulation of Scatter Fraction and Count Rate Performance of the Siemens PET Biograph 6 Scanner". Gonias P., Bertsekas N., Karakatsanis N., Saatsakis G., Nikolopoulos D., Loudos G., Sakellios N., Gaitanis A., Papaspyrou L., Daskalakis A., Liaparinos P., Cavouras D., Kandarakis I., Panayiotakis S.G.

  • Session II
    Chairmen: Kandarakis I., Nikolopoulos D.

    Thursday, July 6, 2006, 11:00-12:40
    11:00-11:20: "Aluminum VS. K-Edge Filtration in Mammography: Dose and Image Quality Performance". Delis H., Spyrou G., Costaridou L., Tzanakos G., Panayiotakis G.
    11:20-11:40: "Pediatric CT Exposure Optimisation". Tziortzi A., Fong R.,Tsoumpas Ch., Horrocks J., Panayiotakis G.,
    11:40-12:00: "The Effect of the LSO/YSO Concentrations Ratio on the Imaging Characteristics under Mammographic Conditions". Konstantinidis A.C., Liaparinos P.E., Patatoukas G.D., Valais I.G., Nikolopoulos D.N., Panayiotakis G.S., Kandarakis I.S.
    12:00-12:20: "A Computer Simulation Algorithm Applied in X-Ray Radiography". Efthimiou N., Patatoukas G., Nikolopoulos D., Karatopis A., Valais I., Cavouras D., Kandarakis I.
    12:20-12:40: "Imaging Properties of GdAIO3:Ce (GAP:Ce) Powder Scintillator". Toutountzis A., Michail Ch., David S., Nikolopoulos D., Valais I., Dimitropoulos N., Panayiotakis G., Cavouras D., Kandarakis I.

Mini-symposium: "Medical Image Analysis and Applications"
Organized by: Panayiotakis G. - Cavouras D.

  • Session I
    Chairmen: Costaridou L., Skiadopoulos S.

    Thursday, July 6, 2006, 14:00-15:20
    14:00-14:20 "Automatic Grading of Hip Osteoarthritis Severity Utilizing the Gabor Textural Features and the Bayessian Classifier". Boniatis I., Costaridou L., Cavouras D., Panagiotopoulos E., Panayiotakis G.
    14:20-14:40 "Texture Analysis in Gray Scale Transvaginal Sonography for Endometrial Tissue Characterization". Karahaliou A., Skiadopoulos S., Michail G., Costaridou L., Kalogeropoulou C., Boniatis I., Kourounis G., Panayiotakis G.
    14:40-15:00 "Using Texture of Tissue Surrounding Microcalcifications on Mammograms for Breast Cancer Diagnosis". Karahaliou A., Boniatis I., Skiadopoulos S., Sakellaropoulos P., Likaki E., Panayiotakis G., Costaridou L.
    15:00-15:20 "Performance Evaluation of A-Trous Wavelet-Based Filters for Enhancing Digital Mammography Images". Madoukas T., Athanasiadis E., Bougioukos P., Kalatzis I., Dimitropoulos N., Cavouras D.

  • Session II
    Chairmen: Cavouras D., Kalatzis I.

    Thursday, July 6, 2006, 16:00-17:40
    16:00-16:20: "Segmentation of Microarray Images using Gaussian Mixture Models and Wavelet based Preprocessing Filters". Athanasiadis E., Spyridonos P., Daskalakis A., Glotsos D., Kostopoulos S., Kalatzis I., Cavouras D., Nikiforidis G.
    16:20-16:40: "Microarray Image Enhancement Techniques using the Discrete Wavelet Transform". Athanasiadis E., Glotsos D., Daskalakis A., Bougioukos P., Kostopoulos S., Theocharakis P., Spyridonos P., Kalatzis I., Nikiforidis G., Cavouras D.
    16:40-17:00: "Development of a Web Service Platform for Remotely Designing Medical Image Processing Applications". Chikimtzis Ch., Georgiadis P., Sidiropoulos K., Daskalakis A., Dimitropoulos N., Cavouras D.
    17:00-17:20: "Development of a Secure Wireless System for Teleprocessing of Medical Images". Vaptismas C., Georgiadis P., Hikimtzis Ch., Sidiropoulos K., Dimitropoulos N., Cavouras D.
    17:20-17:40: "PDA-based Teleradiology System with Real-Time Voice Conferencing Capabilities". Georgiadis P., Sidiropoulos K., Hikimtzis Ch., Banitsas K., Dimitropoulos N., Cavouras D.