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IC-EpsMso 2011

Participation of the Department to the 4th International Conference on Experiments/Process/System Modelling/Simulation/Optimization (4th IC-EpsMso, Athens, Greece, July 6-9, 2011):

Mini-Symposium: "Medical Physics and Imaging"
Organizer: Medical Radiation Physics Network (University Of Patras)

  • Medical Detectors
    Chairmen: Gaitanis A., Liaparinos P.

    Thursday, July 7, 2011, 09:30-10:50
    09:30-09:50: "Investigating the Energy Dependence of Intrinsic Conversion Efficiency of Phosphor Materials through Analytical Models". Kalyvas N., David S., Michail G., Liaparinos P., Fountos G., Valais I., Kandarakis I.
    09:50-10:10: "Evaluation of a 4x4 SiPM Array Based on a Symmetric Resistive Voltage Division Readout for PET Probe Applications". Paipais T., Kefalidis L., David S., Georgiou M., Fysikopoulos E., Kandarakis L., Loudos G.
    10:10-10:30: "Evaluating and Comparing the Imaging Performance of Direct and Indirect x-ray Converters for Applications in Digital Mammography". Serdaris A., Liaparinos P., Kandarakis I.
    10:30-10:50: "Simulating the Imaging Performance of PET Scanner Using the Gate Monte Carlo Toolkit". Karpetas G., Michail C., Samartzis A., Fountos G., Loudos G., Kandarakis I., Panayiotakis G.

  • Radiation Dosimetry
    Chairmen: Fountos G., Kalyvas N.

    Thursday, July 7, 2011, 11:20-12:40
    11:20-11:40: "'In-Vivo' Dosimetry in Field Junction Area for Various Radiotherapy Treatments". Diamantopoulos S., Thalassinou S., Efstathopoulos E., Dilvoi M., Tolia M., Giannopoulou A., Nazos I., Pantelakos P., Koulolias V., Platoni K.
    11:40-12:00: "Radiation Exposure of the Operator During Cardiac Catheter Ablation Procedures". Pantos I., Koukorava C., Nigrianaki E., Carinou E., Tzanalaridou E., Efstathopoulos E., Katritsis D.
    12:00-12:20: "Comparison of Patient Doses between 3D and Conventional Hysterosalpinography". Charalabatou P., Tsalafoutas I., Kelekis D., Antonakos I., Kelekis A., Efstathopoulos E.
    12:20-12:40: "Patient Radiation Doses in Multislice CT Examinations and Assessment of Overscan Contribution". Thalassinou S., Pantos I., Brountzos E., Katritsis D., Spandonis I., Tsalafoutas I., Varsamidis A., Panayiotakis G., Efstathopoulos E.

  • Imaging and Therapeutic Modalities 2
    Chairmen: Valais I., Efstathopoulos E.

    Thursday, July 7, 2011, 14:30-15:50
    14:30-14:50: "Saccadic Movement Identification Using Signal Processing Techniques". Korda A., Asvestas P., Matsopoulos G., Ventouras E., Cavouras D., Ktonas P., Smyrnis N.
    14:50-15:10: "Comparison of Two Angiographic Systems of Different Image Capture Technology Utilized for Interventional Cardiology Procedures". Kordolaimi S., Salvara A., Antonakos I., Tsalafoutas I., Broutzos E., Efstathopoulos E.
    15:10-15:30: "High Speed Transferred Pixel with a Multi-Pinchoff Photodiode for Wafer-Level X-Ray Sensor". Byeon J., Kim J., Yoo J., Jung W.-Y.

  • Medical Image Analysis 2
    Chairmen: Loudos G., Glotsos D.

    Thursday, July 7, 2011, 16:20-17:40
    16:20-16:40: "Wavelet-based De-Noising for Improving the Segmentation Accuracy of the Markov Random Field Model in Microarray Experiments". Magiati M., Athanassiadis E., Kostopoulos S., Cavouras D.
    16:40-17:00: "Prediction of Brain Tumours Grade Using Minimum Spanning Trees". Maneas E., Konstantinou C., Kostopoulos S., Ravazoula P., Cavouras D., Glotsos D.
    17:00-17:20: "Proteomic Ms-Spectra Analysis for Classification of Cancerous Prostate Cases". Siderakis D., Kostopoulos S., Glotsos D., Cavouras D.
    17:20-17:40: "Segmentation and Classification of Histopathology Images for Abetting Diagnosis in Urinary Bladder Cancer". Sakellarios C., Kostopoulos S., Glotsos D., Ravazoula P., Cavouras D.