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IC-EpsMso 2009

Participation of the Department to the 3rd International Conference on Experiments/Process/System Modelling/Simulation/Optimization (3rd IC-EpsMso, Athens, Greece, July 8-11, 2009):

Mini-Symposium: "Medical Imaging"
Organized by Panayiotakis G. and Kandarakis I.

  • Session I
    Chairmen: Valais I., Fountos G.

    Thursday, 9 July, 2009, 09:30-10:50
    09:30-09:50: "Effective Doses in Standard and New Examinations in Radiology and Nunclear Medicine" - Invited speech. Fountos G., Samartzis A.
    09:50-10:10: "Quantitative Assessment of PET/CT Spatial Resolution and Alignment Error Determination". Syggelopoulos L., Karatopis A., Samartzis A., Fountos G., Kandarakis I., Panayiotakis G.
    10:10-10:30: "Luminenscence Efficiency of Gd202S: Eu Powder Phosphors as X-Ray to Light Converter for use in Digital Mammography Detectors". Michail C., Toutountzis A., Valais I., Seferis M., Georgousis M., Fountos G., Kandarakis I., Panayiotakis G.
    10:30-10:50: "Assessment of Image Quality in SPECT Systems via the Implementation of a Novel Flood Source Technique". Fountos G., Zanglis A., Michail C., Kalatzis I., Cavouras D., Samartzis A., Kounadi E., Valsamaki P., Gerali S., Nikiforidis G, Kandarakis I.

  • Session II
    Chairmen: Loudos G., Liaparinos P.

    Thursday, 9 July, 2009, 11:20-12:40
    11:20-11:40: "Advanced MRI Compatible PET Detectors" - Invited speech. Loudos G.
    11:40-12:00: "Novel High Resolution T2 and T2* Mapping Methods for Iron Deposition Determination". Karatopis A., Anastasopoulos S., Drakopoulos S., Kandarakis I., Douskou M., Panayiotakis G.
    12:00-12:20: "MRI Spatial Resolution Limits: Assesment of Various Sequences and Parallel Imaging Methods". Karatopis A., Anastasopoulos S., Drakopoulos S., Kandarakis I., Douskou M., Panayiotakis G.
    12:20-12:40: "Luminescence Efficiency of Fast Ytrium Aluminum Garnet Phosphor Screens for Use in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Detectors". David S., Michail C., Valais I., Seferis I., Varaboutis G., Gatsos S., Toutountzis A., Fountos G., Kandarakis I., Panayiotakis G.

  • Session III
    Chairmen: Tsantis S., Kalyvas N.

    Thursday, 9 July, 2009, 14:30-15:50
    14:30-14:50: "Monte Carlo Simulations in Medical Imaging" - Invited speech. Liaparinos P.
    14:50-15:10: "Detectors for Imaging in Radiation Therapy" - Invited speech. Valais I., Xydias P.
    15:10-15:30: "Implementation of a Software Phantom for the Assessment of Contrast Detail in Digital Radiography". Liaskos M., Michail C., Kalyvas N., Toutontzis A., Fountos G., Cavouras D., Kandarakis I.
    15:30-15:50: "Accelerating the Design of Probabilistic Neural Networks for Computer Aided Diagnosis on Mammography, Employing Graphics Processing Units". Sidiropoulos K., Cavouras D., Pagonis N., Dimitropoulos N., Stonham J.

  • Session IV
    Chairmen: Kounadi E., Kalatzis I.

    Thursday, 9 July, 2009, 16:20-17:20
    16:20-16:40: "The Use of Modulation Transfer Function as an Overall Quality Control Parameter in PET/CT". Samartzis A., Fountos G., Kalatzis I., Michail C., Zanglis A., Cavouras D., Datseris I., Kounadi E., Vattis D., Kandarakis I, Nikiforidis G.
    16:20-17:00: "Image Quality in Digital Radiography. First Results of an Analytical Modeling Approach". Spyropoulou V., Kalyvas N., Gaitanis A., Kandarakis I., Panayiotakis G.
    17:00-17:20: "Improving the Classification Accuracy of Computer Aided Diagnosis Through Multimodality Breast Imaging". Pagonis N., Cavouras D., Sidiropoulos K., Sakelaropoulos G., Nikiforidis G.