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IC-EpsMso 2007

Participation of the Department to the 2nd International Conference on Experiments/Process/System Modelling/Simulation/Optimization (2nd IC-EpsMso, Athens, Greece, July 4-7, 2007):

Mini-symposium: "Medical Imaging Optimization and Postprocessing"
Organized by: Panayiotakis G., Cavouras D., Kandarakis I., Costaridou L.

  • Medical Image Optimization
    Chairmen: Kandarakis I., Delis H.

    Friday, July 6, 2007, 9:00-10:40
    9:00-9:20: "Luminescence Efficiency of Lu2SiO5:Ce (LSO) Powder Scintillator for X-Ray Medical Radiography Applications" Toutountzis A., David S., Michail C., Valais I., Panagiotakis G., Kandarakis I.
    9:20-9:40: "Comparative Investigation of the Luminescence Properties of LYSO:Ce, LSO:Ce, GSO:Ce and BGO Single Crystal Scintillators for Use in X-Ray Imaging Applications". Valais I., David S., Michail C., Konstantinidis A., Cavouras D., Nomicos C. D., Panayiotakis G. S., Kandarakis I. S.
    9:40-10:00: "Investigating the Influence of the LSO/YSO Scintillators Concentrations Ratio on the Performance of X-ray Detectors by Monte-Carlo Methods". Konstantinidis A., Liaparinos P., Panayiotakis G., Kandarakis I.
    10:00-10:20: "Modeling the Imaging Transfer Characteristics of LSO Powder Scintillator for Use in X-Ray Mammography". Michail C., David S., Toutountzis A., Kalivas N. Valais I, Kandarakis I., G.Panayiotakis
    10:20-10:40: "Investigation of Dose Deposition in Magnification Mammography Using Monte Carlo Simulation". Koutalonis M., Delis H., Spyrou G., Costaridou L., Tzanakos G., Panayiotakis G.

  • Postprocessing I
    Chairmen: Panayiotakis G., Kalatzis I.

    Friday, July 6, 2007, 11:00-12:20
    11:00-11:20: "Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Multiple Sclerosis Brain Lesions in Magnetic Resonance Images". Theocharakis P., Kalatzis I. Cavouras D., Sifaki K., Malamas M., Nikiforidis G.
    11:20-11:40: "Segmentation of Microarray Images Using Gradient Vector Flow Active Contours Boosted By Gaussian Mixture Models". Athanasiadis E., Cavouras D., Spyridonos P., Glotsos D., Kalatzis I., Nikiforidis G.
    11:40-12:00: "An Efficient CLAHE-based, Spot-Adaptive, Image segmentation technique for improving Microarray Genes Quantification". Daskalakis A., Cavouras D., Bougioukos P., Kostopoulos S. , Georgiadis P., Kalatzis I., Nikiforidis G,
    12:00-12:20: "Mammographic image enhancement using the continuous wavelet transform". Athanasiadis E., Ninos K., Madoukas T., Kalatzis I., Dimitropoulos N., Cavouras D.

  • Postprocessing II
    Chairmen: Kostaridou L., Skiadopoulos S.

    Friday, July 6, 2007, 14:00-15:20
    14:00-14:20: "Ensemble software classification for characterizing human brain tumours on MRI". Georgiadis P., Cavouras D., Kalatzis I., Daskalakis A., Theocharakis P., Kostopoulos S., Bougioukos P., Sifaki K., Malamas M., Nikiforidis G.,Solomou E.
    14:20-14:40: "Computer-aided diagnosis of brain tumours based on tissue microscopy image analysis". Glotsos D., Kalatzis I., Daskalakis A., Kostopoulos S., Spyridonos P., Ravazoula P., Nikiforidis G., Cavouras D.
    14:40-15:00: "Morphological Features towards Ultrasound Thyroid Nodules Malignancy Evaluation". Tsantis S., Dimitropoulos N., Cavouras D., Nikiforidis G.
    15:00-15:20: "Computer Aided Characterization of Degenerative Disk Disease in MRI". Michopoulou S., Boniatis I., Costaridou L., Cavouras D., Panagiotopoulos E., Panayiotakis G.

  • Postprocessing III
    Chairmen: Cavouras D., Glotsos D.

    Friday, July 6, 2007, 16:00-17:20
    16:00-16:20: "Development Of An Image Analysis Methodology For Classification Of Immunohistochemically Stained Breast Biopsies". Kostopoulos S., Cavouras D., Daskalakis A., Kalatzis I., Glotsos D., Bougioukos P., Ravazoula P., Nikiforidis G.
    16:20-16:40: "Proteomic Mass Spectra Classification for Biomarker Discovery in Prostate Cancer, employing pattern recognition techniques". Bougioukos P., Cavouras D., Daskalakis A., Kostopoulos S., Kalatzis I., Nikiforidis G., Bezerianos A.
    16:40-17:00: "1st Order vs. 2nd Order Derivatives towards Wavelet-Based Speckle Suppression in Ultrasound Images". Tsantis S., Dimitropoulos N., Cavouras D., Nikiforidis G.
    17:00-17:20: "Evaluation of a SIGNAL ANALYSIS System under Simulated Noise Conditions". Kalatzis I., Ninos K., Georgiadis P., Ventouras E., Cavouras D.