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IC-EpsMso 2005

Participation of the Department to the 1st International Conference on Experiments/Process/System Modelling/Simulation/Optimization (1st IC-EpsMso, Athens, Greece, July 6-9, 2005):

Mini-Symposium: "Image and Dose Optimization in Medical Imaging"
Organizer: G. Panayiotakis

  • Session I: "Image and Dose Optimization in Medical Imaging I"
    Chair Persons: G. Panayiotakis, I. Kandarakis

    Thursday, 7 July, 2005, 10:15 - 11:45
    10:15 - 10:33: "The Effect of Non-Ideal Detectors on Energy Weighted Spectra used in X-Ray Medical Imaging". Patatoukas G.D., Liaparinos P.F. Gaitanis A.D., Kandarakis I.S., Panayiotakis G.S.
    10:33 - 10:51: "Experimental Determination Of Luminescence Emission Properties of LYSO: Ce And CsI: Tl Single Crystal Scintillators Under UV And X-Ray Exposures for use In Medical Imaging". Valais i.G., Kandarakis I.S., Nikolopoulos D.N., Loudos G., Giokaris N., Karagiannis C. , Episkopakis A., Dimitropoulos N., Panayiotakis G.S.
    10:51 - 11:09: "Experimental Determination of Single-Crystal Scintillator Properties by Application of the Integration Sphere Photometry Method". Christofakis E.P., Filippou K.C., Pitsios N.A., Valais I.G., Sianoudis I.A., Nikolopoulos D.N., Panayiotakis G.S., Kandarakis I.S.
    11:09 - 11:27: "Comparative Evaluation of Cerium Doped Ytrium Aluminum Oxide Powder Scintilators (Yag, Yap) for Medical Imaging Applications". Valais I.G., Konstantinidis A., Nikolopoulos D.N., Salemis G, Dimitropoulos N., Panayiotakis G.S., Kandarakis I.S.
    11:27 - 11:45: "Signal Analysis Methods to Discriminate between Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Patients and Healthy Controls". Kalatzis I., Piliouras N., Glotsos D., Ventouras E., Papageorgiou C., Rabavilas A., Soldatos K., Cavouras D.

  • Session II: "Image and Dose Optimization in Medical Imaging II"
    Chair Persons: G. Panayiotakis, I. Kandarakis

    Friday, 8 July, 2005, 10:15 - 11:27
    10:15 - 10:33: "Generation of Theoretical Mammographic Spectra For Monte Carlo Based Simulation Studies". Delis H.B., Spyrou G.M., Costaridou L.I., Tzanakos G., Panayiotakis G.S.
    10:33 - 10:51: "Lesions Detectability Dependence on Mammographic Spectra using Monte Carlo Simulation" Delis H., Spyrou G., Vlachopoulou V., Costaridou L., Tzanakos G., Panayiotakis G.
    10:51 - 11:09: "Radiation Dose and Image Quality Optimization In Neonatal Radiography". Dougeni E.D., Delis H.B., Karatza A.A., Kalogeropoulou C.P., Skiadopoulos S.G., Malatara G.K., Mantagos S.P., Panayiotakis G.S.
    11:09 - 11:27: "Patient and Staff Dosimetry in Vertebroplasty". Fitousi N.T., Efstathopoulos E., Delis H.B., Kottou S., Kelekis A., Panayiotakis G.S.

  • Session III: "Image and Dose Optimization in Medical Imaging III"
    Chair Persons: I. Kandarakis, G. Panayiotakis

    Friday, 8 July, 2005, 12:00 - 13:12
    12:00 - 12:18: "Patient and Staff Dosimetry during Intramedullary Nailing of the Tibia". Kirousis G., Fitousi N., Delis H., Megas P., Panayiotakis G., Lampiris E.
    12:18 - 12:36: "An Exposure Equalization Technique for Optimization of Breast Periphery Lesion Visualization in Mammography". Skiadopoulos S.G., Costaridou L.I., Kolovos C.A., Likaki E.A., Kalogeropoulou C.P, Panayiotakis G.S.
    12:36 - 12:54: "The Effect of Scintillation Detector Materials on the Image Quality of a Simulated Computed Tomography Breast Imaging System". Gaitanis A., Kandarakis I., Konstantinidis A., Pyrovolakis I., Linardatos D., Cavouras D., Panayiotakis G.
    12:54 - 13:12: "Modelling the Signal to Noise Ratio in Energy Integrating Radiation Detectors:. Konstantinidis A.C., Episkopakis A.E., Pyrovolakis I.E., Valais I.G., Patatoukas G.D., Nikolopoulos D.N., Panayiotakis G.S., Kandarakis I.S.